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quarta-feira, 13 de março de 2013

Transformers Theatre

Transformers Theatre

Project Authors:

Amanda de Almeida Carvalho, Yan Shao, Yuanyuan Zhuang

Project Tutors:

 Krassimir Krastev

DIA Dessau

Project Synopsis:

The Transformers Theatre multi adaptability concept came from a process of design performance’s optimization of a new theatre on the site of the currently abandoned open air theatre in Budapest - the Parkszínpad. The analysis of many possibilities of contemporary performance arts defined a multi purpose theatre primarily trough out different positions of stage. The relationship among stage and seats location runs out based on Jigzaw game interdependence concept, whose configuration set the placement of acoustic panels, coming out with a unique acoustic surface in the end. These three theatre requirements were taken as design parameters and specific strategies were used to each established condition to connect them in an integrated adaptive and flexible system allowing its reconfiguration according to different performances. It all was carried out trough many analogue and digital simulations of structure, material and geometry. The visibility of the “animal” changing its possibilities inside the steel and glassed structure is what make the architecture impressive to the public, while the audience inside the acoustic origami envelope immerses into each performance.



Concept different performances

Seating bowl scheme

Animation seating module

Acoustic Analysis

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