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quarta-feira, 14 de dezembro de 2011

What have ever happened with the Urbanism? Rem Koolhaas


The Urbanism:
  •  was losing the battle in therms of quantity in the 20 century because it was unable to invent and implement at the demanded demographic scale ( just a promise). 
  • while a profession, disappeared in the same time that the urbanization was growing and established a global "triumph" of the urban condition.
All attempts to make a new beginning only discredited this idea.
The pervasive urbanization based on a distorted concept, insisted in its primordial condition, but the urbanists won't return to classical cities because it means exactly disconnection and disqualification.
Dissatisfaction not led to the development of a credible alternative, and the reason is more about the persistence in its ideology (incapable in conceiving new modesties).
The Generation of May' 68, launched the idea of a new beginning based in the rediscovering and reinventing the city trough documenting and developing philosophies, projects, prototypes for a preserved and reconstituted city ( more theoretical). These ideas failed in modernization.
The architects are sabotaging the urbanism. They have the sophistication and use it to hide the symptoms of cowardice related to "taking places".
"Now we're left with a world without urbanism, only architecture". > the architecture seduces and consumes in the same time that exhausts the potential of the urbanism that is what can invent a renew.
The new Urbanism should be based on uncertainty of reinvention of a psychological space.
Never about new, only about more and modified.

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